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  S A N   M A R I N O  B R I D G E   C L U B
San Marino Community Center - 1800 Huntington Drive
Our club has three games
Monday at 12:00
Monday at   7:15
Wednesday at 11:00

The games are at the San Marino Community Center located at 1800 Huntington Drive, just west of the new city library.  There's plenty of parking behind the building and also on the west side of the building.

Card Fees
Our card fees are only $8.00.

If you would like us to try to find you a partner for the game, please contact:
    Jan Wickersham - Monday Afternoon Game  Cell  626 487-4014
    Marie Nimmrich - Monday Evening Game  Cell  626 434-5222
    Cathy Martin - Wednesday Morning Game    626 795-1749

    Our Directors:
      Marie Nimmrich     626 448-3304 Home   626-434-5222 Cell
      Cathy Martin     626 795-1749 Home
      Patrick Cardullo     210 367-9869
      Morris Jones - Mojo     626 755-5415
      Ed Lechner     408 313-1782

    Stratified Events
    The director reserves the right to modify these posted stratifications at game time when the game would otherwise be unbalanced.
    A team's flight is determined by the average number of masterpoints held by the pair.

      The Monday game has three stratifications:
      Flight C    0-750
      Flight B    750-2500
      Flight A    2500+

    The Wednesday game will be stratified at game time by the director to accommodate the number of tables.

    Monthly Charity Game
    Our club will hold a monthly Charity game on the second Monday of each month.
    These games are sectionally rated and award approximately three times the number of masterpoints of a regular club game.
    The card fees are an additional $2.00 for this event.

      Roy - Unit559webmaster@gmail.com