Why Computer Hands
By Betty Bratcher - Tournament Director

Why do we have computer hands?  Who makes up these hands? They throw out the flat hands, you know.  These are all things that we hear from players at tournaments where hand records are used.

First of all, let's set the record straight.  The computer hands are produced by a random number generator.  If you shuffled the cards 13 times or so, you would get a true random deal.  That is what is produced by the computer.   No hands are set up, no hands are thrown out or for that matter even looked at before packaging.

Why do we use computer hands?  Hand records make it easy for everyone to play the same hands in the event they have entered.  Generally, everyone in the tournament play the same hands so after the session, you can discuss the hands with people who might have been playing in a different event that session.

What a wonderful learning tool!  As you play, mark on your convention card the hands which gave you and your partner trouble.  After the session is over and you get your hand record printout, you can go over the hands seeing what you could have done better.  You can actually replay the hand if you wish later.  If your teacher is playing in the tournament or a more experienced player that you know, you can find out what they did with your trouble hands.

There's a misunderstanding amongst players that the computer is programmed to eliminate the boring hands and to generate and keep only the wild and exciting ones.  It simply is not true.  The hands are truly random in nature.