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I've played bridge half my life...    The other half I wasted.--roy   

Friendship Chairman:   
Bernie Mateer
626 256-1302
Unit Game Director:   
Marie Nimmrich
626 448-3304
626-434-5222 - Cell
Unit Column Reporter:
Marty Weiss
626 432-1855
201-602-6963 - Cell
Roy Wilson
626 340-9575 -Cell
Unit President:   
Mary Falvey
626 359-0271
San Marino Bridge Club:  
Marie Nimmrich
626 448-3304
626-434-5222 - Cell
Arcadia Bridge Center:
Art and Diane Gulbrandsen
626 445-3797

John Wreede
Our friend John went to the hospital recently and will be transfered to Hospice in a few days.  As I learn more I will keep you informed.

Peter Szecsi
Peter is still in rehab... But he has a different telephone number now -    626 737-0639

These two hands have a lot in common...

Suppose you open 1 with either hand and partner bids the major where you have three of them.  Most of us learned a long time ago to not support with only three, and either rebid 1NT or rebid the minor we opened.   A great many players today are eschewing that advice...

Bidding 1NT with the first hand could be a disaster since your clubs are anemic and you don't have anything close to a spade stopper.  Supporting your partner's hearts could well be the right bid.

With the second hand many players will rebid the diamond suit, but some will support spades and perhaps get a better result.
    Here's the guideline they are using... Support with three if you have an honor.
Yes, it's an aggressive style, but the form of scoring caters to the aggressive bidders, and 4-3 fits can often give you good results.

Unit Game

Our next unit game will be Sunday, June 7, and will be a memorial game for Rita Corwin
The luncheon will be provided by a bequest from Rita
Game time is 1:00 PM

Any unit member who is at least 90 years old or is a teenager can play free in most games.
Requests for a North/South seating position must be made in advance of the game.    626 281-2179

Our Director is Marie Nimmrich.  626 448-3304
Mike Marcucci is the Board Member responsible for the Unit game.   626 281-2179

Unit 559 Membership
Ranks are updated quarterly after the 7th of the month
Other information is updated monthly
Active Members Master Points     Number    
0-5  50
5-20  60
20-50  89
50-100  38
100-200  36
200+  21
300+   1
500+  19
500-1000  35
1000-2500  53
2500-5000  26
5000-7500   7
7500-10,000   1
10,000+   1
10,000++   1
New Members
Shirley Callahan
Barbara Panik
Gail Price
Gregory Tsien
Diane Vallette
Andrei Verona
Maria Verona
Transferred In
Evan Hoovler San Francisco
Gregory Tapia San Fernando
Transferred Out
Marilyn Gore Bellingham, WA
Donna Hardy Monterey
Advanced in Rank New Rank    9
Barbara Betz Junior Master
Hilary Clark Junior Master
Andrei Verona Junior Master
Maria Verona Junior Master
Lora Smith Regional Master
Steve Shanker NABC Master
Robert Novell Life Master
Joan Mesias Gold Life Master
May Total Membership  438

Local Tournament Schedule
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 May 15 - 17      San Diego NLM Sectional  
 May 24 - 25      Long Beach 499er Sectional  
 Jun 5 - 7      Garden Grove Sectional  
 Jun 12 - 14      Big Bear Sectional  
 Jun 19 - 20      North San Diego Sectional  
 Jun 22 - 28      Las Vegas Regional  
 Jul 6 - 12      Los Angeles Regional  
 Jul 24 - 26      Glendale-Verdugo Sectional  
 Jul 31 - Aug 2      John Waken Sectional  
 Aug 8 - 9      Fresno 299er Sectional  
 Aug 28 - 29      San Fernando Sectional  
 Sep 18 - 20      Thousand Oaks Sectional  
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