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Montreal Relay

Friendship Chairman:   
Linda Stuart
909 641-3790 - Cell
Unit Game Director:   
Marie Nimmrich
626 448-3304
626 552-2344 - Cell
Unit President:   
Mary Falvey
626 359-0271
626 484-7169 - Cell
San Marino Bridge Club:  
Marie Nimmrich
626 448-3304
626 552-2344 - Cell
Arcadia Bridge Center:
Art and Diane Gulbrandsen
626 445-3797
Unit 559 Webmaster:
Roy Wilson
626 340-9575

B U L L E T I N   B O A R D

North American Pairs
The San Marino club will have a second qualifying game for the NAP - Monday, July 29.  The cost will be $10.00.

NAP Games
For those of you who will qualify for the finals, this is the schedule:
  • Unit Final 1:     Sunday, September 15, Long Beach Bridge Club
  • Unit Final 2:     Sunday, October 20, San Marino Bridge Club
  • District Final:   Sunday, November 17, Lomita Bridge Club

      For more information, you can go to Mojo's site (Morris Jones is the NAP Coordinator) -- BridgeMojo

    Problem Hand?
    Let me show you a hand...

    Your LHO opens 1 and your partner passes.  The next hand, on your right, bids 1NT, announced as "Forcing."     Now what?  Do you have a problem?

What Problem?
At first, you might think you could use Michaels, but then you reconsider it... A Michaels cue-bid says you have 5-5 in the other major and an unspecified minor.  This is not that hand, right?

Well, can you bid one of those suits?  Sure, you can bid either one, but your partner will expect at least a 5-card suit in whichever one you bid.  Okay, you cannot bid the heart suit, but if you bid the club suit, your partner will not know about your 4-card heart suit.  Can you double?  Out of the question...  Your partner will think you have at least a good 3-card diamond suit, and what would you do if you doubled and your partner jumped to 3?  Would you then bid your club suit?  I don't think so... A double and then bid shows a very good hand of at least 18 points.
    That's why this is a problem hand.
There is a solution that's rather elegant... Mini-Michaels.  It's also a Wilsonism, which I call, "Mikey."

After the 1 opening bid on your left, there are only three possible 2-suited hands.
  • Hearts and clubs
  • Hearts and diamonds
  • Both minors
With the Mikey agreement you can bid either minor, which promises the bid minor plus at least a 4-card suit in the other major.  Bid 2 with the hand shown above, and if your partner remembers, she will alert and thell them that you are two-suited in clubs and hearts.

It could also be a 5-card heart suit, but with fewer points than the Michaels cub-bid, which always shows 5-5 in the promised suits, (and also pushes the bidding to the 3-level) while Mikey keeps the bidding one level lower.  Another advantage over standard Michaels is that the minor suit is known immediately when you use Mikey.  There's no need for partner to wonder which one you have, and have to ask with a 2NT call, pushing the auction to the 3-level.

If you have both minors and a good hand, you could use the Unusual Notrump call, but the Mikey agreement is tht since you have fewer points and both minors, you double.  That shows both minors, but not as good a hand as you would have with the Unusual Notrump call.  Again, an advantage is that you are only at the 2-level.

And just to be complete...   If you have only a single suit and it's the other major, just bid it.  You are denying a 2-suited hand.  If you have only a single suit and it's a either minor, you will have to bid it at the 3-level, but it does preempt the opponents.

The Agreement
Mikey is an agreement used when the player on your left opens a major, your partner passes, and the player on your right bids 1NT.  (Usually a forcing 1NT.)
  • Double shows both minors
  • Bidding a minor shows that suit with at least a 4-card suit in the other major
  • Standard Michaels has at least 5-5 in the two promised suits, and also better strength than Mikey bids

Pasadena-San Gabriel Unit 559
Our unit is one of nine in District 23 and we are sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League.   We have an elected board of 12 members that meets monthly and is responsible for unit games and the annual John Waken sectional.  There are two clubs in our unit - The San Marino Bridge Club and the Arcadia Bridge Center.

No Unit game in July -- The John Waken Sectional will be in early August, from the 2nd to the 4th.
    Jan Wickersham will be in charge of the Partnership Desk - 626 487-4014
    The Tournament Managers are Mary Falvey and Michael Rodriguez.

    John Waken Flyer


Sorry, but the Arcadia Bridge Center will not post game results on-line.


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Unit 559 Membership Report
Ranks are updated quarterly after the 7th of the month
Other information is updated monthly
The link on the left will take you
to the ACBL website where you
will find the official requirements
for each rank.
Unit 559 Active Members
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Master Points     Number 
No color points needed
No color points needed
No color points needed
5+ silver points
15+ silver points and 5+ gold points
25+ silver and 20+ red/gold/platinum
(5 must be gold or platinum)
50+ silver and 50+ red/gold/platinum
(25 must be gold or platinum)
75+ silver and 100+ red/gold/platinum
(50 must be gold or platinum)
Life Master with at least 750 points
Life Master with at least 1000 points
(200+ must be silver/red/gold/platinum)
Life Master with at least 1500 points
(300+ must be silver/red/gold/platinum)
Life Master with at least 2500 points
(500+ must be silver/red/gold/platinum)
Life Master with at least 3500 points
700+ silver/red/gold/platinum
(350+ must be gold or platinum)
Life Master with at least 5000 points
1000+ silver/red/gold/platinum
(500+ must be gold or platinum)
Life Master with at least 7500 points
1500+ silver/red/gold/platinum
(750+ must be gold or platinum)
Life Master with at least 10,000 points
2000+ silver/red/gold/platinum
(1000+ must be gold or platinum)
Life Master with at least 10,000 points
2000+ silver/red/gold/platinum
(1000+ must be gold or platinum)
Must have a victory in an eligble event
New Members
Transferred In
Nancy Mercolino La Crescenta
Donald Pearson South Pasadena
Transferred Out
Jane Archer Hoopeston, IL
Jacqueline Hart Winston Shelter Island, NY
Deborah Johnson La Punte
Advanced in Rank - 3 New Rank   
Lorraine Matza Junior Master
John Walker Club Master
Suzanne Wilcox Sectional Master
July Total Membership  454

Local Tournament Schedule
 Jul 1 - 7 
 Jul 18 - 28 
 Jul 27 
 Aug 2 - 4 
 Aug 16 - 18 
 Aug 24 - 25 
 Aug 27 - Sep 2 

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