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Roy Wilson -- My email address:

If you are looking for the game results for the San Marino Club, click the link below for the club.
The Arcadia Bridge Center does not provide game results.

Friendship Chairman:   
Linda Stuart
909-641-3790 - Cell
Unit Game Director:   
Marie Nimmrich
626 448-3304
626-434-5222 - Cell
Roy Wilson
626 340-9575
Unit President:   
Mary Falvey
626 359-0271
626 484-7169 - Cell
San Marino Bridge Club:  
Marie Nimmrich
626 448-3304
626-434-5222 - Cell
Arcadia Bridge Center:
Art and Diane Gulbrandsen
626 445-3797

No Game This Wednesday
There will not be a game on Wednesday, November 22, at the San Marino Club.  The City has other uses for the facility that day.  Darn.

The Nationals down in San Diego start on Thanksgiving day and run until December 3.  If you are good enough you have the chance to bring home some Platinum points... red and gold points are there, too.

Christmas Party
    Unit Holiday Party
    Our annual Holiday party will be on Sunday, December 3, and the board members are asking you to please make a reservation so they can plan the menu.   Call Richard Halverstadt at 818 790-2915.

New Game in Town!
Morris Jones, "Mojo" will have a grand opening on Monday evening, December 4 for non-Life Masters. Below is the information he sent me...

    Announcing the BridgeMojo Monday Night Game       BridgeMojo Club
      Grand opening Monday, December 4
      Monday evenings, 7:15 p.m.
      San Marino Masonic Center
      3130 Huntington Drive
      San Marino, CA

    I've heard it so many times over the past few years, "When are you going to open your bridge club?"   You might say I've been working up to this point ever since I bought a dealing machine a couple of years ago.

    I realized that I could offer a game for non-Life Masters that's different from what's currently available.  The modern duplicate bridge game played in clubs and tournaments around the world is better and more fun than ever.

    A bridge game with a mission
    I wrote a Mission Statement for my club, to provide a place for newer players to learn and practice the modern bridge game straight out of bridge class.  The full statement is available on my club website.

    My game will be a shorter game, about two hours, for busy professionals with day jobs (like myself).  My target audience will be the aspirational bridge player, who thrives on the never-ending struggle to master this game.  Since it takes years of playing in clubs and tournaments to become a Life Master, my game will have a broad mix of experience levels.  Every player is on a journey of discovery that we can share and celebrate.

    And then, I can do something to make it truly different: No pre-game lecture, but after every game have a freewheeling postmortem where we can study the bidding, play, and defense of hands that came up during the game.  We can talk about the Laws, proprieties, best practices, how to read a hand record, or fill out a convention card.

    My players will be prepared to go out into the world and play comfortably in any bridge club, any tournament, any cruise ship, at any level, and fall in love with this game and its players like I have. This game is way better than playing online bridge.

    So here are the particulars!
    You can see where and when at the top of this announcement.  The San Marino Masonic Lodge #408 is a beautiful 1940's-era building with lots of room to grow, great parking, and a great location.  Card fees will be $10 per game.  You can buy a five game package for $45, or ten games for $85.  Play whenever you like.

    We'll finish play by 9:30, and then you may join in the postmortem or not, however your mood strikes you that evening.

    I'll have a projector with a screen to look at individual hands, results, and topics of interest.  Results and hand records will be posted online at BridgeMojo.com  Naturally, the game will be closed on Christmas and New Years, but I plan to open on many other holiday Monday evenings.

    This is a formal game, sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League (Club No. 274779). The game is conducted by a certified director, and masterpoints will be awarded.  You don't have to join the ACBL to play, but you can buy an instant membership at the game if you decide to.

    R.S.V.P. and play free at the grand opening Dec. 4
    I've been practicing and rehearsing for this game for quite a while, including redesigning and updating my web site.  The first game is still going to be a shakeout game for me.  I really want to know if you're coming!  Could you drop me a note?  Help me work out the kinks!

    I've set up an email list specifically for the Monday night game.  If you're interested you can join it from the BridgeMojo site, or just drop me a note and I'll add you.

    Visit the new BridgeMojo.com

    My website has been redesigned to work well on computers, tablets, and phones.i  I'm building it to support both class schedules and games, as well as feature stories from time to time.  Right now there's a front-page story about the San Diego NABC starting in about a week.  I'd love to see you there!

        Morris Jones   -   Mojo

Pasadena-San Gabriel Unit 559
Our unit is one of nine in District 23 and we are sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League.   We have an elected board of 12 members that meets monthly and is responsible for unit games and the annual John Waken sectional.   There are three clubs in our unit - The San Marino Bridge Club, the BridgeMojo Club and the Arcadia Bridge Center.

Our next unit game will our be our Holiday Party Sunday, December 3.  Game time is 1:00.     The location is the San Marino Bridge Club - there's a map link below.  Reservations are recommended!

The card fee for this special event is $10.00.

If you want to request a N/S or you need a partner, call Richard Halverstadt:     818 790-2915   (Home)


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Unit 559 Membership Report
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Other information is updated monthly
Active Members
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Master Points     Number    
0-5  48
5-20  59
20-50  93
+ color points
100-200  28
200+  28
300+   4
500+  17
500-1000  38
1000+  21
1500+  27
2500+  15
3500+  13
5000-7500   8
7500-10,000   1
10,000+   2
10,000++   1
New Member
Jeffrey Silver Pasadena
Transferred In
Sundar Rajan West Los Angeles
Dr Howard Rosen West Los Angeles
Advanced in Rank New Rank    5
John Tosello Junior Master
Barry McKinley Club Master
Suzanne Wilcox Club Master
Bonnie Black Sectional Master
Carl Hulick Sectional Master
November Total Membership  450

Local Tournament Schedule
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