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Montreal Relay

Friendship Chairman:   
Linda Stuart
909 641-3790 - Cell
Unit Game Director:   
Marie Nimmrich
626 448-3304
626 552-2344 - Cell
Unit President:   
Mary Falvey
626 359-0271
626 484-7169 - Cell
San Marino Bridge Club:  
Marie Nimmrich
626 448-3304
626 552-2344 - Cell
Arcadia Bridge Center:
Art and Diane Gulbrandsen
626 445-3797
Unit 559 Webmaster:
Roy Wilson
626 340-9575

Judy Carter-Johnson
Judy has lost her daugher and son-in-law in a car accident.  It happened in Maryland, and Judy was notified this morning.  Many of you were a friend to Judy, who moved to Seal Beach a number of years ago, and if you would like to send her a note, this is her email address...
    Judy Carter-Johnson [jcj90740@gmail.com]

    Precision Bidding
    I kibitized a match on BBO between Singapore and China, and this hand came up... Although I played Precision for many years, I haven't done so recently, and some of the newer bids are unknown to me...  For example, many of today's Precision players are using transfer responses after a strong 1, and that's the 2 bid in the hand below.  After that I was lost, but it was a very unusual auction, I think you will agree.  Also, you might be interested in knowing that modern day Precision players no longer promise 16+ points, but if they do not have that many, they will have a super playing hand, which is why West opened 1 with only 11 high card points.

    And the result?  In the other room the opponents were playing a pretty standard 2/1 system, and arrived at 4, making five, for a score of 450.  The hand below made six, but since they stopped at five, in diamonds, their score was 440.  That's a push in IMP scoring.   Too bad they couldn't discover the two spade honors in opposite hands.  (Maybe in another 10 years they will find a way.)

      Tom's Update
      Tom Reynolds gave me an explanation for the auction, which is given below the hand:

    Tom's Explanation
    After the strong 1 opening, responder's jump to 2 was a transfer call, showing a heart suit, and a positive hand.  The advantage is that the stronger hand will play the contract if it plays in hearts.

    Opener's second bid of 2 was artificial, and asked if responder had a second suit.
    Responder's rebid of 3 said he did not have one, and only had a heart suit.

    Opener's rebid of 3 was another artificial bid to discover if responder had a void or a singleton.
    Responder's 4 answer said that he did not have one.  (Other responses would pinpoint which suit was short.)
      After this auction, the opener knew that responder's shape would have to be one of three possibilities:     2=6=2=3   or   2=6=3=2   or   3=6=2=2

    The final bid of 5 was to play.

Pasadena-San Gabriel Unit 559
Our unit is one of nine in District 23 and we are sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League.   We have an elected board of 12 members that meets monthly and is responsible for unit games and the annual John Waken sectional.  There are two clubs in our unit - The San Marino Bridge Club and the Arcadia Bridge Center.

The card fees are $10.00.   Students may play free, and the fee for seniors over the age of 90 is $5.00

Gametime is 12:30 and lunch is available at 12:00.

Our next Unit game is on Sunday, June 30.
If you want to request a N/S or you need a partner, call Miriam Harrington:     626 232-0558

Our Director is Marie Nimmrich.  626 448-3304     mareeelizabeth@aol.com

    John Waken Flyer


Sorry, but the Arcadia Bridge Center will not post game results on-line.


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