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  The San Marino Bridge Club and the Arcadia Bridge Center  

      I've played bridge half my life...    The other half I wasted.--roy   

Roy Wilson -- My email address:

Friendship Chairman:   
Sandra Franciscus
626 256-1302
Unit Game Director:   
Marie Nimmrich
626 448-3304  Home
Roy Wilson
626 340-9575
Unit President:   
Sandra Franciscus
626 298-4770
San Marino Bridge Club:  
Marie Nimmrich
626-434-5222  Cell
Arcadia Bridge Center:
Art and Diane Gulbrandsen
626 445-3797

We have some very fine young players in our unit who managed to take both the Grand National Teams flight B and also flight C spots last weekend.   For the GNT B flight it was Nolan Chang, Jack Chang, Zheng Zhang, Om Chokrilawa, Fred Upton, and Jim Perkins.  For the C flight it was Sophia Chang and her partner Lucy Zhang teamed up with Alex Chan and several other younger Junior players who won that spot.  Also, Nolan will be flying to Italy right after the GNTs in Washington D.C. to participate in the World Youth Teams that he qualified for in December.  Congratulations to all of you!

Club Championships
The San Marino Bridge Club will have two Championship games next week on Monday and Wednesday.   These games award extra masterpoints and the card fees are $8.00.

STaC games at Arcadia
The Arcadia Bridge Center will have a STaC game this evening and another one tomorrow.   The card fees are $10.00 for these special games which award silver points.
    This Evening      May 6  7:15 PM
    Saturday Afternoon      May 7  1:00 PM

Team Trials
Starting today, Friday, May 6, the US team trials will be held in Denver, Colorado, and will last all of next week.  Tom Reynolds and his teammates are there and if they do well they might represent us at the World Bridge Games finals in Poland in early September.
    You can follow the round-robin team trials here:     USBF Trials
Over/Under Game
Sunday, May 15, the unit is sponsoring our annual Over/Under game... Players who have over 300 masterpoints will partner with players who have under that number.   the event will be at the Arcadia Bridge Center, and unlike previous years, partnerships will be randomly assigned at game time by Art Gulbrandsen.   There is a signup sheet for rookies at the Bridge Center.  The more experienced players should see Peter Szecsi if they would like to play.  (They play free.)

Unit Game
The next unit game is Sunday, June 5.  Game time is 1:00
The location is the San Marino Bridge Club - there's a map link below.
  • Any unit member who is at least 90 years old or is a teenager can play free in most games.
  • Requests for a North/South seating must be made in advance of the game.    818 370-0977
  • Late arrivals will not be able to make up boards and will receive an average minus on unplayed hands.
Our Director is Marie Nimmrich.  626 448-3304     Call her if you need a partner.
Richard Halverstadt is the Board Member responsible for the Unit game.    818 370-0977

Unit 559 Membership Report
Ranks are updated quarterly after the 7th of the month
Other information is updated monthly
Active Members
Click the rank below for a list
Master Points     Number    
0-5  55
5-20  61
20-50  95
50-100  44
100-200  29
200+  26
300+   2
500+  17
500-1000  37
1000+  23
1500+  26
2500+  17
3500+  13
5000-7500   6
7500-10,000   1
10,000+   1
10,000++   1
New Members
Don Hughes
Karyn Smithson Hughes
Transferred In
Katherine Cresto Glendale-Verdugo
Gloria Markowitz Palm Springs
Transferred Out
Jim Gosnell Houston
Advanced in Rank New Rank    2
Zu Ming Cheng NABC Master
Jeanette Deverian Gold Life Master
May Total Membership  454

Local Tournament Schedule
  ACBL Calandar    Fast Tournament Results  
 May 21 - 22      West Los Angeles Sectional  
 May 22      Long Beach 499er Sectional  
 May 28 - 30      South Bay Sectional  
 June 3 - 5      Balboa Unit Sectional  
 Jun 6 - 12      Las Vegas Regional  
 Jun 17 - 19      Big Bear Sectional  
 Jun 27 - Jul 3      Los Angeles Regional  
 Jul 29 - 31      John Waken Sectional  
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