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Roy Wilson
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Sandra Franciscus
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Marie Nimmrich
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626-434-5222 - Cell
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Unit Game Winners
Congratulations to the winners of our unit game!   Robert Shore and Bruce Altshuler had a nice score to top the field of 20 tables.

Which is Better?
What do you lead from an Ace-King combination on the opening lead?  Many partnerships will lead the ace while others choose the king.  Some also have the agreement to reverse that understanding when they hold a doubleton.

But is there a better way?
A popular method in some parts of Europe is to show the Parity of the suit which is led.  (Look up the word parity if you like, but essentially it is used here to determine whether the leader has an odd or an even number of cards in the suit being led.)   A parity lead is an agreement to lead the ace with an even number of cards in the suit but lead the king with an odd number.  Why?  How does that help?   Well, every possible bridge hand will hold either three suits that are odd in number with one even, or it will have three suits with an even number of cards in them while the remaining suit has an odd number.

If the lead tells you that partner has an odd number in the suit he is leading, and you see an odd number in the dummy, then you can tell the parity of declarer's hand by how many you have in that suit.  (If you also have an odd number then declarer must have an even number.)  So... if declarer drops the queen on the opening lead is that a false card?  If you use this agreement you will find you can more quickly determine the distribution of declarer's hand, which is a big help on defense.

A corollary is to agree that when your partner uses a parity lead you should give him a count card and not an attitude signal.  A count signal will tell your partner the same information you have about declarer's distribution.
    (And... not mathematically true, but for bridge purposes zero is an even number.)

      Further Reading
      If you are interested in reading more on advanced defensive plays, try Defensive Plays in Bridge and New Ideas in Defensive Play - both books are by Helge Vinje, a leading Scandinavian bridge theorist and player.  His ideas led to the popular system of Journalists Leads back in 1963.

      Also, if you click on the Information Links below and then the link to Advanced Defensive Signaling you will find more ideas.

Unit Game
The next unit event is the John Waken Sectional on the weekend of July 29-31 at LaSalle High Schol in Pasadena.
Click on either the link or the flyer below for the full schedule.

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